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The origin and evolution of neuroendoscopy

  • Muhammad M. Abd-El-Barr
  • Alan R. CohenEmail author
Review Paper



Neuroendoscopy has become an integral field within neurosurgery. It has allowed neurosurgeons unprecedented access to deep structures within both the cranial and spinal compartments, while allowing for minimal incisions, tissue retraction, and postoperative healing time.


In this article, we trace the origins of this vital field to ancient times, and show that much of its success is due to the brilliant minds of some luminaries such as Philipp Bozzini and Harold Hopkins. Through close collaborations between clinicians, scientists, and engineers neuroendoscopy has become an invaluable tool in the armamentarium of neurosurgeons to help solve a wide array of clinical problems.


Neuroendoscopy History Minimally invasive surgery 



We would like to thank Dr. Edward Laws and Ms. Peggy Anderson for editorial help and comments to improve this manuscript.




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