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Pineal cysts in children: case-based update

  • Gokmen Kahilogullari
  • Luca MassimiEmail author
  • Concezio Di Rocco
Case-Based Update



Pineal cysts (PC) are found in children as often asymptomatic and without change in their size over the time. However, there are some debatable issues about their evolution and management in the pediatric population. The aim of the present paper is to update the information regarding pathogenesis, clinical presentation, and management of these lesions.


All the pertinent literature was reviewed, and a meta-analysis of operated on cases was carried out. An illustrative case regarding the clinical evolution of a 13-year-old girl is also presented.

Results and conclusions

PC are often asymptomatic and do not evolve over the time. However, since there is a certain risk of clinical and/or radiological progression, or even sudden and severe clinical onset (apoplexy), both a clinical and radiological follow-up is recommended in the pediatric age. The surgical excision is usually limited to symptomatic patients or to cases with clear radiological evolution.


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