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Brain tumors in children under 1 year of age: emphasis on the relationship of prognostic factors

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Primary brain tumors in infants under 12 months of age have a different prognosis from older children.


A retrospective analysis was done in all patients less than 12 months old with primary brain tumors.


Out of 1,682 children with primary brain tumors, 61 (3.6%) were infants under 12 months old. The mean age at diagnosis was 181.6 days (SD 128) with a range of 1 to 364 days. There were 37 males (60.6%). The most common tumor was astrocytoma (n=22) (36%). Supratentorial tumors were present in 63.9% but this was not related to survival (p=0.1095). Complete surgical resection (n=14) was favorable for survival (p=0.039). Intracranial hypertension at diagnosis did not influence survival (p=0.89). The overall survival rate was 32%, mean 42.08 (SD 7.38). A total of 24 patients are alive and without evidence of disease.


Complete surgical resection was necessary for a favorable prognosis, and the long-term effects are a valid problem.

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The authors thank Dr. Pedro Gutiérrez-Castrejon from the Department of Biostatistics at the National Institute of Pediatrics for statistical analysis.

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