Cardiac surgery in the presence of chronic internal carotid artery occlusion

  • Mario LescanEmail author
  • Volker Steger
  • Mateja Andic
  • Kujtim Veseli
  • Helene Haeberle
  • Tobias Krüger
  • Christian Schlensak
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The aim was to evaluate the incidence of stroke in the setting of cardiac surgery with or without hemodynamically relevant asymptomatic carotid stenosis contralateral to the occlusion. We designed a historical cohorts study, focused on patients with unilateral totally occluded internal carotid arteries who were referred for any cardiac surgery at our center. Isolated unilateral occlusions were assigned to group 1 (n = 60), and those with a contralateral stenosis grade ≥ 60% were included in group 2 (n = 51). A total of 111 patients operated in our center from 1997 to 2016 were included. Patients in group 2 had an asymptomatic contralateral internal carotid artery stenosis with a mean stenosis grade of 71 ± 20%. Simultaneous carotid endarterectomy (CEA) was performed in 22 patients from group 2. The overall mortality was 8/111 (7.2%). Carotid-associated mortality was not observed, whereas an overall stroke incidence of 8/111 (7.2%) was detected. The group-related outcome showed comparable results for mortality (group 1: 4/60 (6.7%) vs. group 2: 4/51 (7.8%); p = 1.0). Regarding stroke incidence, group 2 had a higher incidence of overall strokes (2/60 (3.3%) vs. 6/51 (11.8%); p = 0.14) with more contralateral (0/60 (0%) vs. 2/51 (3.9%); p = 0.209) and ipsilateral strokes (2/60 (3.3%) vs. 4/51 (7.8%); p = 0.411). Stroke rate peaked in patients with simultaneous carotid and cardiac surgery (n = 22; 18.2%; p = 0.048). Performing simultaneous CEA during cardiac surgery in the presence of a contralateral occlusion may promote stroke. Asymptomatic contralateral carotid stenosis is a risk factor for stroke in patients with carotid occlusion prior to cardiac surgery.


Endarterectomy Carotid Carotid stenosis Stroke Cardiac surgical procedures 


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