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Fengyun Meteorological Satellite Products for Earth System Science Applications


Following the progress of satellite data assimilation in the 1990s, the combination of meteorological satellites and numerical models has changed the way scientists understand the earth. With the evolution of numerical weather prediction models and earth system models, meteorological satellites will play a more important role in earth sciences in the future. As part of the space-based infrastructure, the Fengyun (FY) meteorological satellites have contributed to earth science sustainability studies through an open data policy and stable data quality since the first launch of the FY-1A satellite in 1988. The capability of earth system monitoring was greatly enhanced after the second-generation polar orbiting FY-3 satellites and geostationary orbiting FY-4 satellites were developed. Meanwhile, the quality of the products generated from the FY-3 and FY-4 satellites is comparable to the well-known MODIS products. FY satellite data has been utilized broadly in weather forecasting, climate and climate change investigations, environmental disaster monitoring, etc. This article reviews the instruments mounted on the FY satellites. Sensor-dependent level 1 products (radiance data) and inversion algorithm-dependent level 2 products (geophysical parameters) are introduced. As an example, some typical geophysical parameters, such as wildfires, lightning, vegetation indices, aerosol products, soil moisture, and precipitation estimation have been demonstrated and validated by in-situ observations and other well-known satellite products. To help users access the FY products, a set of data sharing systems has been developed and operated. The newly developed data sharing system based on cloud technology has been illustrated to improve the efficiency of data delivery.




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This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFB0504900, 2018YFB0504905). We thank the editor and reviewers for their constructive suggestions and comments.

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Xian, D., Zhang, P., Gao, L. et al. Fengyun Meteorological Satellite Products for Earth System Science Applications. Adv. Atmos. Sci. 38, 1267–1284 (2021).

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  • Fengyun meteorological satellite
  • sensor-dependent level 1 product
  • inversion algorithm-dependent level 2 product
  • product validation


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