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Growing Operational Use of FY-3 Data in the ECMWF System


This paper reviews the data quality and impact of observations from the FY-3 satellite series used operationally in the ECMWF system. This includes data from the passive microwave radiometers MWHS-1, MWHS-2 and MWRI, as well as observations from the radio occultation receiver GNOS. Evaluations against background equivalents show that the quality of the observations is broadly comparable to that of similar instruments on other polar-orbiting satellites, even though biases for the passive microwave observations can be somewhat larger and more complex for some channels. An observing system experiment shows that the FY-3 instruments jointly contribute significantly to the forecast skill in the ECMWF system. Positive impact of up to 2% is seen for most variables out to the day-2 forecasts over hemispheric scales, with significant benefits for total column water vapor or for temperature and wind in the stratosphere out to day 4.


本文回顾了在欧洲中期天气预报中心ECMWF预报系统里业务化应用的风云三号系列卫星观测资料的质量及影响,包括被动遥感辐射计微波湿度计(MWHS-1,MWHS-2)、微波成像仪(MWRI)、以及无线电掩星接收器GNOS的观测资料。相对于等效背景场的评估显示,虽然存在某些通道的被动微波观测的偏差较大且较为复杂的情况,这些观测资料质量仍与其它极轨卫星上所载的同类仪器资料质量大体相当。观测系统试验表明风云三号系列仪器资料对于ECMWF业务预报系统具有显著的联合贡献。不论南北半球,对于大多数物理量而言, 2天以上的预报都显现出高达2%的正面影响,尤其是对于整个气柱水汽或是4天以上的平流层温度和风场具有更为显著的作用。

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We acknowledge funding from the EUMETSAT Fellowship Programme for Heather LAWRENCE, Katrin LONITZ and David DUNCAN. The collaboration with the China Meteorological Administration on data evaluation and utilization is also gratefully acknowledged.

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Correspondence to Niels Bormann.

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• After addressing biases, the quality of MWHS-1, MWHS-2, MWRI and GNOS data is comparable to that of similar instruments.

• The evaluated instruments together give a statistically significant benefit in the ECMWF system, particularly for short-range forecasts.

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Bormann, N., Duncan, D., English, S. et al. Growing Operational Use of FY-3 Data in the ECMWF System. Adv. Atmos. Sci. 38, 1285–1298 (2021).

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Key words

  • FY-3 satellite series
  • assimilation
  • forecast impact
  • calibration/validation


  • 风云三号系列卫星
  • 资料同化
  • 预报影响
  • 校验