Forbidding Multiple Copies of Forestable Graphs


The Turán number of a graph H is the maximum number of edges in any graph on n vertices which does not contain H as a subgraph. We call a graph Hforestable if it is cyclic, bipartite, and contains a vertex v such that \(H[V\setminus v]\) is a forest. For a forestable graph H, we determine \({\text {ex}}(n,k\cdot H)\) exactly as a function of \({\text {ex}}(n,H)\). This is related to earlier work of the authors on the Turán numbers for equibipartite forests.

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  1. 1.

    An easy check for the reader—why do we know that the extremal number does not change dramatically when we shift from forbidding a single copy to forbidden several copies of a graph H with chromatic number at least three?


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  • Turán
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