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On d-arc-dominated Oriented Graphs


We consider only digraphs that are oriented graphs, meaning orientations of simple finite graphs. An oriented graph D = (V, A) with minimum outdegree d is called d-arc-dominated if for every arc \({(x, y) \in A}\) there is a vertex \({u \in V}\) with outdegree d such that both \({(u, x) \in A}\) and \({(u, y) \in A}\) hold. In this paper, we show that for any integer d ≥ 3 the girth of a d-arc-dominated oriented graph is less than or equal to d. Moreover, for every integer t with 3 ≤ t ≤ d there is a d-arc-dominated oriented graph with girth t. We also give a characterization for oriented graphs with both minimum outdegree and girth d to be d-arc-dominated and classify all d-arc-dominated d-circular oriented graphs with girth d.

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