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Tracking and frame-rate enhancement for real-time 2D human pose estimation

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We propose a near real-time solution for frame-rate enhancement that enables the use of existing sophisticated pose estimation solutions at elevated frame rates. Our approach couples a keypoint human pose estimator with optical flow using a multistage system of queues operating in a multi-threaded environment. As additional contributions, we propose a pose tracking solution and an approach to overcome errors caused by optical flow. A reduction in error in the range of 30–35% is observed at practical frame rates of pose estimator (4–6 frames per second) while processing \(1920\times 1080\) resolution 30 frames-per-second videos at native frame rate. Slower frame rates have increased the reduction of error up to 50%, thereby promoting the use of cheaper hardware and sharing of expensive hardware. Thus, while improving accuracy by enabling sophisticated pose estimation models to operate at above-par frame rates, our approach reduces cost per frame by promoting efficient resource utilization.

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  • Human pose estimation
  • Real-time
  • Tracking
  • Optical flow
  • Frame-rate enhancement