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A robust hybrid image-based modeling system

  • Hoang Minh NguyenEmail author
  • Burkhard Wünsche
  • Patrice Delmas
  • Christof Lutteroth
  • Eugene Zhang
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This paper presents a new robust image-based modeling system for creating high-quality 3D models of complex objects from a sequence of unconstrained photographs. The images can be acquired by a video camera or hand-held digital camera without the need of camera calibration. In contrast to previous methods, we integrate correspondence-based and silhouette-based approaches, which significantly enhances the reconstruction of objects with few visual features (e.g., uni-colored objects) and improves surface smoothness. Our solution uses a mesh segmentation and charting approach in order to create a low-distortion mesh parameterization suitable for objects of arbitrary genus. A high-quality texture is produced by first parameterizing the reconstructed objects using a segmentation and charting approach, projecting suitable sections of input images onto the model, and combining them using a graph-cut technique. Holes in the texture due to surface patches without projecting input images are filled using a novel exemplar-based inpainting method which exploits appearance space attributes to improve patch search, and blends patches using Poisson-guided interpolation. We analyzed the effect of different algorithm parameters, and compared our system with a laser scanning-based reconstruction and existing commercial systems. Our results indicate that our system is robust, superior to other image-based modeling techniques, and can achieve a reconstruction quality visually not discernible from that of a laser scanner.


3D shape recovery Texture acquisition Surface reconstruction Surface parameterization  Texture inpainting 


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    Email author
  • Burkhard Wünsche
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  • Patrice Delmas
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  • Christof Lutteroth
    • 1
  • Eugene Zhang
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  2. 2.Oregon State UniversityCorvallisUSA

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