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, Volume 31, Issue 12, pp 1697–1708 | Cite as

Fast depth from defocus from focal stacks

  • Stephen W. Bailey
  • Jose I. Echevarria
  • Bobby Bodenheimer
  • Diego Gutierrez
Original Article


We present a new depth from defocus method based on the assumption that a per pixel blur estimate (related with the circle of confusion), while ambiguous for a single image, behaves in a consistent way when applied over a focal stack of two or more images. This allows us to fit a simple analytical description of the circle of confusion to the different per pixel measures to obtain approximate depth values up to a scale. Our results are comparable to previous work while offering a faster and flexible pipeline.


Depth from defocus Shape from defocus 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Stephen W. Bailey
    • 1
  • Jose I. Echevarria
    • 2
  • Bobby Bodenheimer
    • 3
  • Diego Gutierrez
    • 4
  1. 1.University of California at BerkeleyBerkeleyUSA
  2. 2.Universidad de ZaragozaZaragozaSpain
  3. 3.Vanderbilt UniversityNashvilleUSA
  4. 4.Universidad de ZaragozaZaragozaSpain

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