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WBCSim: A Prototype Problem Solving Environment for Wood-Based Composites Simulations


This paper describes a computing environment named WBCSim that is intended to increase the productivity of wood scientists conducting research on wood-based composite materials. WBCSim integrates Fortran 77-based simulation codes with a graphical front end, an optimization tool, and a visualization tool. WBCSim serves as a prototype for the design, construction and evaluation of larger scale problem solving (computing) environments. Several different wood-based composite material simulations are supported. A detailed description of the prototype’s software architecture and a typical scenario of use are presented. The system converts output from the simulations to the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) for visualizing simulation results.

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Goel, A., Phanouriou, C., Kamke, F. et al. WBCSim: A Prototype Problem Solving Environment for Wood-Based Composites Simulations. Engineering With Computers 15, 198–210 (1999).

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  • Key words. Computer model; Problem solving environment; Visualization; Wood-based composite materials