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Unwin, A., Graphical Data Analysis with R, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2015, 310 pp., £49.99, ISBN 978-1498715232

  • Jasmin Wachter
Book Review

The book shows how to extract information from univariate and multivariate—continuous as well as categorical—data sets using statistical plots. In 14 chapters, it explains how to detect patterns, how to judge the quality of the data and how to obtain ideas for modelling them. All chapters follow the same coherent meta-structure: at the beginning, the subject matter is briefly summarized, followed by a more thorough introduction. The main sections then provide the new content and tools, plus a collection of statistical models and tests to validate the graphical findings. A brief recap of the main points and a selection of exercises complete each chapter. This clear structure allows for fast orientation and makes the book exceptionally friendly for users.

Chapter 1, Setting the Scene, explains the main principles of GDA. It stresses the point that plotting the data from different points of view, i.e., in different scales or with reordered categories, uncovers more underlying patterns...

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