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Learning with Queries inside the Class of Unate k-quasi-Horn Formulas


Boolean formulas have been widely studied in the field of learning theory. We focus on the model of learning with queries, and study restrictions of the class of unate k-quasi-Horn formulas. This class is known to be learnable with equivalence and membership queries. We prove that any subclass of unate k-quasi-Horn formulas can be properly learned with both types of queries, provided the set of consequents that appear in formulas can be computed efficiently in advance.

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Correspondence to Víctor Lavín Puente.

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This work has been partially supported by the Spanish projects TIN2008-06622-C03-01, S2009TIC-1465 and UCM-BSCH-GR58/08-910502.

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Lavín Puente, V. Learning with Queries inside the Class of Unate k-quasi-Horn Formulas. New Gener. Comput. 33, 137–147 (2015).

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  • Query Learning
  • Proper Learning
  • CNF Formulas
  • Unate Formulas