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Transverse gust generation in a wind tunnel: a suction-driven approach


The Andrew Fejer Unsteady Wind Tunnel was modified to add a suction duct on top of the test section to generate a vertical velocity component (cross flow). The suction produced on the top was distributed by the individually controlled louvers at the inlet of the suction duct so that the velocity components in the test section vary both temporally and spatially. Steady and traveling-wave transverse flows were generated in the test section. We present theoretical models for the unsteady flow field generated by this configuration and validate these models with experimental measurements. The results indicated that the transverse gusts generated in the test section were essentially irrotational, and a potential flow model makes relatively accurate predictions of the flow field. The suction-driven approach greatly reduced the turbulence level in the flow field relative to jet-driven cross flow approaches, and demonstrated high levels of repeatability. Traveling waves in \(1-\cos\) form were generated and showed evident influence on the flow angle of attack.

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The support from Air Force Office of Scientific Research Grant FA9550-18-1-0440 with program officer Gregg Abate and Office of Naval Research Grant N0014-19-1-2280 with program officers David Gonzalez and Brian Holm-Hansen is greatly appreciated. The Support for the wind tunnel test section by DURIP Grant FA9550-18-1-0327 is gratefully acknowledged. The authors would like to thank Dr. Katherine Asztalos (present affiliation: Argonne National Laboratory), James Henry, and Sai Simon at IIT for their contributions to the wind tunnel construction.

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