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Unsteady pressure-sensitive-paint (PSP) measurement in low-speed flow: characteristic mode decomposition and noise floor analysis


Pressure-sensitive-paint (PSP) measurement was conducted for unsteady phenomena at various frequencies up to the order of kHz in low-speed flow to evaluate measurement accuracy of PSP. Pressure fluctuations on the floor surface induced by the Karman vortex were measured by PSP and unsteady pressure transducer. The dominant frequency of the pressure fluctuations is varied from 0.15 to 1.7 kHz by changing the size of the square cylinder. While regions with large pressure fluctuations could be visualized by calculating root mean square of pressure fluctuations from PSP images, the values significantly differed from those measured by pressure transducer. By applying Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), the power spectral density (PSD) at peak frequencies could be obtained within an error of 20%. Singular-value decomposition (SVD) yields a remarkable improvement in signal-to-noise ratio. However, amplitude of pressure fluctuations is changed depending on the way how to select modes. Three mode-selection methods for SVD filtering/reconstruction analysis are proposed in this study which show good improvement compared with convection method and are proved capable of extracting characteristic behaviors of the flow phenomena even below the noise floor.

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A :

m × n matrix

A, B :

Stern–Volmer coefficient

D :

Width and depth of square cylinder model

f :


f s :

Frame rate of camera

Δf :

Frequency resolution

I :

Intensity of PSP luminescence

L :


N :

Number of images


Number of images for FFT

P :


ΔP :

Measurement error of PSP




Proper orthogonal decomposition

Re :

Reynolds number

St :

Strouhal number

S XX :

Auto spectral obtained by FFT


Spectral density function

T :


U :

Eigenvector matrix of AAT

U :


U :

Free stream velocity

u :

Left singular vectors

V :

Eigenvector matrix of ATA

v :

Right singular vectors

w :


x :


y :


Σ :

Non-zero singular values of matrix A

σ :

Singular values




Frame per second


Pressure transducer


Mode spectral


Polymer/Ceramic PSP


Pressure-sensitive paint


Power spectral density


Reference condition


Reconstructed value/mode


Root mean square of pressure fluctuations


Signal-to-noise ratio


Singular-value decomposition


Time series




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This work and the experiments were conducted in the Lab of Experimental Aerodynamics, Tohoku University, Japan. The support from the Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), the JSPS KAKENHI (No. 16H04582), and the JST-PREST (No. JPMJPR1678) are gratefully acknowledged by the authors.

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