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Non-iterative double-frame 2D/3D particle tracking velocimetry


In recent years, the detection of individual particle images and their tracking over time to determine the local flow velocity has become quite popular for planar and volumetric measurements. Particle tracking velocimetry has strong advantages compared to the statistical analysis of an ensemble of particle images by means of cross-correlation approaches, such as particle image velocimetry. Tracking individual particles does not suffer from spatial averaging and therefore bias errors can be avoided. Furthermore, the spatial resolution can be increased up to the sub-pixel level for mean fields. A maximization of the spatial resolution for instantaneous measurements requires high seeding concentrations. However, it is still challenging to track particles at high seeding concentrations, if no time series is available. Tracking methods used under these conditions are typically very complex iterative algorithms, which require expert knowledge due to the large number of adjustable parameters. To overcome these drawbacks, a new non-iterative tracking approach is introduced in this letter, which automatically analyzes the motion of the neighboring particles without requiring to specify any parameters, except for the displacement limits. This makes the algorithm very user friendly and also offers unexperienced users to use and implement particle tracking. In addition, the algorithm enables measurements of high speed flows using standard double-pulse equipment and estimates the flow velocity reliably even at large particle image densities.

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Financial support by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) through Grant no. KA 1808/8-2 is gratefully acknowledged by the authors.

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