Simultaneous size and velocity measurements of cavitating microbubbles using interferometric laser imaging


In this paper, interferometric laser imaging droplet sizing—ILIDS—is applied to incipient cavitation in the wake of a marine propeller model with the aim to evaluate simultaneously bubbles velocity and diameter. Until now, the feasibility of this technique has been demonstrated especially in sprays of water droplets in air where an optimal light scattering is obtained thanks to the spherical shape and to the given relative refractive index. In the present setup, to allow simultaneous size–velocity measurements, a single camera is used and the object distance over lens diameter ratio is kept as small as possible, thus increasing the size measurement resolution. These details, together with the algorithms used for image analysis at each single frame and in two consecutive frames, allow deriving cavitation bubble size and velocity distributions in the propeller wake.

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This research work was supported by the EC project Hydro-Testing Alliance (HTA), under the Joint Research Program JRP1 “PIV operation in hydrodynamic facilities”. Hydro-Testing Alliance is the European Network of Excellence to facilitate the continuation of world leadership of the European Hydrodynamic testing facilities. HTA is supported with funding from the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Program under DG Research, project number 031316. The Network of Excellence started on September 1st 2006, and it will continue for 5 years.

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