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COVID19: the response of the urologist

After an initial focus on the immediate respiratory implications of COVID19, its downstream effect on the practice of urology has rapidly become apparent. Urologists have been quick to recognise the ensuing challenges, that have ranged from prioritising patients who needed inpatient treatment when hospitals were under unprecedented pressure [1, 2], to adjustment of research so that it might potentially benefit those with COVID19 [3, 4], to ensuring that novel strategies for patient care and even medical education using digital technologies were implemented [5, 6].

Urologists as a group have been ideally placed to respond to these challenges. Experience with conditions that affect patients on a broad spectrum of severity [7], plus the development of extensive datasets that could then be assessed for the impact of COVID19 [8] have enabled a measured and consequential assessment of how urologic care can be optimised during this uncertain time.

Urologists have proven capable of adjusting numerous aspects of patient care due to the impact of COVID19. While the ultimate cumulative effect of this virus upon those requiring [9] and offering [10] urologic care is still to be determined, the considered and significant research on this topic undertaken to date appears to have ensured that an overwhelming secondary impact upon both of these groups has been avoided. Thanks for this are due in no small part to those urologists who have pivoted their research to the topic of COVID19 in the absence of pre-existing funding for this purpose.


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