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Challenging the dogma of 6 steps for anastomotic urethroplasty in posterior urethral stricture: introducing step 3a

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MB: protocol/project development, data collection or management, and manuscript writing/editing. PJ: data collection or management, and manuscript writing/editing. SK: manuscript writing/editing, and protocol/project development. FM: protocol/project development.

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Correspondence to Marco Bandini.

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None to declare.

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All patients signed an informed consent.

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Joshi, P., Bandini, M., Montorsi, F. et al. Challenging the dogma of 6 steps for anastomotic urethroplasty in posterior urethral stricture: introducing step 3a. World J Urol (2021).

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  • Anastomotic urethroplasty
  • Inferior pubectomy
  • Urethra
  • Stricture
  • Stenosis