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Clinical outcomes and prognosis of metastatic prostate cancer patients ≤ 60-year-old



Metastatic prostate cancer (mPCa) rarely occurs under the age of 60, and we aim to evaluate the clinical outcomes and prognosis of mPCa patients ≤ 60-year-old.


Two thousand and eighty-three patients were treated with mPCa between April 2003 and May 2020. Clinicopathological characteristics between groups, biochemical recurrence (BCR)-free survival, and overall survival (OS) were assessed. Subgroup analysis was performed on patients ≤ 60 years. Multivariable cox regression was used for survival analysis.


Three hundred and seventy-five patients (> 60 years: older) and 115 patients (≤ 60 years: young) were identified. 5-year BCR-free survival rates were 38.8% in young and 74.1% in older group (p < 0.001). 5-year OS were 88.1% in young and 96.5% in older group (p = 0.006). The significant factor associated with BCR was age > 60 (hazard ratio [HR] = 0.67, 95% confidence [CI]: 0.36–0.94, p = 0.017). The significant predictors of OS were age > 60 (HR 0.40, CI 0.18–0.91, p = 0.028) and local definitive treatment (HR 0.29, CI 0.13–0.64, p = 0.002). For the subgroup analysis, median BCR-free survival was significantly shorter in younger (≤ 56) group (14 mo vs. 27 mo, p = 0.026), and the median OS was significantly different (p = 0.048).


In mPCa patients ≤ 60-year-old, BCR occurs earlier and OS is significantly reduced than older patients. Therefore, special caution is mandatory when treating these mPCa patients.

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