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Table 5 Discrimination for ISUP Grade Group ≥ 2 prostate cancer comparing logistic regression models using total PSA, data in previous biopsy and additional clinical information (age, PSA density)

From: Effect of information on prostate biopsy history on biopsy outcomes in the era of MRI-targeted biopsies

  MRI-targeted biopsies with addition of systematic biopsies MRI-targeted biopsies Systematic biopsies
Total PSA 0.60 0.62 0.61
Total PSA + Biopsy naivety 0.66 0.67 0.70
Clinical model 0.79 0.81 0.80
Clinical model + Biopsy naivety 0.79 0.80 0.81
  1. Clinical model includes age, digital rectal examination, PSA, PSA-density