Zero hospital admissions for infection after 577 transperineal prostate biopsies using single-dose cephazolin prophylaxis



To determine the rate of hospital admissions for infection after transperineal biopsy of prostate (TPB) with single-dose cephazolin prophylaxis using a prospective database.


Between April 2013 and February 2016, 577 patients undergoing TPB had 2 g of cephazolin given intravenously at induction of anaesthesia. Data collected from these patients included age, PSA, prostate volume, number of cores taken and post-operative complications.


No patients were readmitted to hospital with infection post-TPB. Seven patients developed acute urinary retention, and one patient developed clinical prostatitis that was treated with oral antibiotics in the community.


It is safe to use single-dose cephazolin only as antibiotic prophylaxis prior to TPB, negating the need for quinolones. This study supports Australia’s current Therapeutic Guidelines recommendation for TPB prophylaxis and the existing evidence that sepsis post-TPB is a rare complication. Whether any antibiotic prophylaxis is needed at all for TPB is the subject of a future study.

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LP and GT were involved in the data management, data analysis and manuscript writing/editing; SH and SM were involved in the data management; MF, DM, UH, AL and RS were involved in the data collection; JG was involved in the protocol development and manuscript writing/editing.

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