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Female urethral stricture: a contemporary series



To report the etiology, presenting symptoms and outcomes of the different treatments performed in female patients with recurrent urethral stricture.

Materials and methods

Twenty-six patients with refractory LUTS were diagnosed with a urethral stricture. The symptoms, the treatment performed and the outcomes were prospectively recorded. Sixteen patients were treated with a urethroplasty using a buccal mucosal graft (BMG) in 14 cases (54 %) and a vaginal flap in 2 (8 %). Urethral dilatation, optical urethrotomy and meatoplasty were performed in 8 (31 %), 1 (3.8 %) and 1 (3.8 %) patients, respectively.


Strictures were idiopathic in 11 patients (42 %). Previous urethral instrumentation and traumatic vaginal delivery were the commonest causes of urethral stricture (42 and 15 %, respectively). The most frequent symptoms were reduced flow (93 %), detrusor overactivity (50 %) and UTIs (42 %). The stricture was cured in 93 % of patients treated with a BMG urethroplasty and in all the patients in which a vaginal flap urethroplasty was performed. In the same group, the improvement in urethral pain was observed in the 67 and the 88 % of patients were cured from recurrent UTIs. All the patients treated with urethral dilatation needed further dilatations; hence, the cure of the stricture was achieved in none of them. Improvement in urethral pain, UTIs and detrusor activity was not recorded in the latter group.


Urethroplasty in its various forms has demonstrated in the present series the highest cure rate for the treatment of recurrent urethral stricture.

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Authors’ Contribution

Spilotros contributed to protocol/project development, data collection and manuscript writing/editing; Malde helped with data management; Solomon contributed to data analysis; Grewal and Mukhtar contributed to data collection; Pakzad, Hamid and Ockrim helped with final review of the manuscript. Greenwell helped with protocol/project development, manuscript writing/editing and final review of the manuscript.

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Correspondence to M. Spilotros.

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In lieu of a formal ethics committee, the principles of the Helsinki Declaration were followed.

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