World Journal of Urology

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Hatha Yoga therapy management of urologic disorders

  • Emmey Ripoll
  • Dawn Mahowald
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Hatha Yoga (often referred to as "yoga") is an ancient type of physical and mental exercise that has been used as a therapeutic modality in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. Yoga as a complementary modality in western medicine is more recent and continues to grow. Chronic urologic disorders are often difficult to diagnose because their presentation mimic other medical conditions and are often a diagnosis of exclusion. Treatment is also frustrating because the more traditional treatments are often unsuccessful in managing chronic disorders. Health care practitioners are often forced to look elsewhere for other modalities to provide pain relief and improve quality of life. Hatha Yoga is one of these modalities which has been extremely useful to many patients in reducing the suffering seen with chronic urologic conditions such as: prostatodynia, chronic orchitis, chronic epididymitis, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, etc.

Yoga Prostatodynia Chronic orchitis Chronic epididymitis Vulvodynia Interstitial cystitis 


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  • Dawn Mahowald
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  2. 2.Alandi Ashram and School of Ayurveda, 1890 Lehigh St, Boulder, Colorado 80303, USA

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