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Correction to: Correlative Inhibition Between Branches in Two-Branched Pea Seedlings is Cultivar-Dependent

  • Andrey A. KotovEmail author
  • Liudmila M. Kotova

Correction to: Journal of Plant Growth Regulation

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in Fig. 5. The dot lines are missing and some unnecessary circles are filled in the figure legend. The corrected figure is given below.

Fig. 5

a Concentrations of tZ-type CKs in the xylem sap from roots with hypocotyls or from roots only as a function of sap-flow rate in 10-day-old 2-B, 1-B and 0-B pea seedlings. Wild-type, IAA (rms2-1) and SL (rms 4-1) response mutant plants of different pea cultivars were used. b A summary diagram of xylem-CK levels extrapolated to null sap-flow rate from data in a. Plants were prepared as in Fig. 1b at day 8, and 2 days later xylem sap samples were taken by cutting off the roots, including the hypocotyl or not. Xylem sap was collected for 30 min under reduced pressure. Sap samples from 2 to 4 plants displaying similar sap-flow rates were pooled and subjected to ELISA. Values are expressed in ZR equivalents. For each treatment (a), the relationship was fitted with linear regression giving P values of > 0.8 at α = 0.05 for all variants, except for those with asterisks in legends, where P ≤ 0.8. The values in b extrapolated to null sap-flow rate are closely related to xylem-CK levels in vivo given near-zero transpiration rates (< 0.01 µl/c) previously observed in 10-day-old pea seedlings by Kotov and Kotova (2015) and asterisks indicate statistically significant differences compared with 2-B plants: ***P < 0.001; **P < 0.01; *P < 0.05

The original article has been corrected.

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