Paragnomoxyala papillifera sp. nov. (Nematoda: Monhysterida) from the Bohai Sea, China


A new free-living marine nematode species of the family Xyalidae from Laizhou Bay of the Bohai Sea, China is described and illustrated herein. Paragnomoxyala papillifera sp. nov. is characterized by large funnel-shaped buccal cavity, circular amphidial fovea located posterior to buccal cavity, straight spicules with slightly curved distal end, gubernaculum absent, four papilliform precloacal supplements, tail conico-cylindrical with two ventral embossments in males and having longitudinal rows of cervical setae and subventral caudal setae in males. The new species is easily identified from other two recorded species in the genus by having papilliform precloacal supplements and ventral embossments along conical portion of tail of males. A pictorial key for three species of Paragnomoxyala and comparative table of three species with important characteristics are provided.

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The authors are greatly thankful to four anonymous referees for their reviewing and improving the manuscript.

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  • free-living marine nematodes
  • taxonomy
  • new species
  • Laizhou Bay