Intraspecific morphometric diversity of barramundi ( Lates calcarifer Bloch, 1790) in the waters of southern Bangladesh

  • Md Reaz ChakladerEmail author
  • Ashfaqun Nahar
  • Md Abu Hanif
  • Muhammad A.B. Siddik


A total of 160 barramundi’s ( Lates calcarifer Bloch, 1790) sampled from four rivers (Tentulia, Balaswar, Bakkhali, and Andarmanik) along the southern coastal region of Bangladesh were investigated in terms of morphometric characters to reveal the intraspecific variation. Twenty-five morphometric measurements were extracted using the conventional method and subjected to multivariate analyses (i.e., principal component analysis (PCA), discriminate function analysis (DFA), cluster analysis (CA)) to distinguish individuals from diff erent rivers. The result demonstrated that twenty-two out of 25 measurements was statistically significant (Univariate ANOVA) among all four populations. PCA analysis of morphometric characters resulted in two principal components, PC I and PCII which accounted for 79.25% and 4.28% of the total data variance. PC I-PC II plot explained 83.53% of total variance diff erentiated the population of L. calcarifer into two groups. Discriminate analysis correctly classified about 88.1% of the examined fish into the four areas. The UPGMA dendrogram showed that Bakkhali populations were the most morphologically diff erent populations in comparison to other populations, while Andarmanik and Balaswar populations were very close to each other. The strong morphometric variation between Bakkhali and Tentulia, Andarmanik and Balaswar was observed in the present study, suggested the evidence of the separate stock population of barramundi in these locations, which might require distinct stock management strategies for resource sustainability in the waters of southern Bangladesh. However, if these findings are supported by further molecular markers and geometric morphometry, this would be a strong indication of diff erent stocks of this population in the four rivers of southern Bangladesh.


intraspecific diversity morphometric characters stock structure Lates calcarifer Bangladesh 


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  • Ashfaqun Nahar
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  • Md Abu Hanif
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