High-power all-fiber ultra-low noise laser


High-power ultra-low noise single-mode single-frequency lasers are in great demand for interferometric metrology. Robust, compact all-fiber lasers represent one of the most promising technologies to replace the current laser sources in use based on injection-locked ring resonators or multi-stage solid-state amplifiers. Here, a linearly polarized high-power ultra-low noise all-fiber laser is demonstrated at a power level of 100 W. Special care has been taken in the study of relative intensity noise (RIN) and its reduction. Using an optimized servo actuator to directly control the driving current of the pump laser diode, we obtain a large feedback bandwidth of up to 1.3 MHz. The RIN reaches − 160 dBc/Hz between 3 and 20 kHz.

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This work is supported Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) (ANR14 LAB05 0002 01) and Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine (2014-IR60309-00003281); the author J. Zhao acknowledges Post-doctoral scholarship Grant from La Fondation Franco-Chinoise pour la Science et ses Applications (FFCSA); European Gravitational Observatory (EGO). We thank Dr. Benoit Gouhier and Dr. Sergio Rota-Rodrigo for their comments on the paper.

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