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Generation of bound states of pulses in a SESAM mode-locked Cr:ZnSe laser


We report on the generation of bound states of pulses in a SESAM mode-locked Cr:ZnSe laser around 2415 nm. A thulium-doped double-clad fiber laser at 1908 nm was used as the pump source. Bound states with various pulse separations at different dispersion regimes were obtained. Especially, in the anomalous dispersion regime, vibrating bound state of solitons exhibiting an evolving phase was obtained.

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The authors acknowledge funding support from the Natural National Science Foundation of China (61527822, 61235010).

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Correspondence to Pu Wang.

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This article is part of the topical collection “Mid-infrared and THz Laser Sources and Applications” guest edited by Wei Ren, Paolo De Natale and Gerard Wysocki.

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