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Narrow-line external cavity diode laser micro-packaging in the NIR and MIR spectral range


Narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers are an important tool for spectroscopic instrumentation. Conventional external cavity diode lasers offer high output power and narrow linewidth. However, most external cavity diode lasers are designed as laboratory instrument and do not allow portability. In comparison, other commonly used lasers, like distributed feedback lasers (DFB) that are capable of driving a handheld device, are limited in power and show linewidths which are not sufficiently narrow for certain applications. We present new miniaturized types of tunable external cavity diode laser which overcome the drawbacks of conventional external cavity diode lasers and which preserve the advantages of this laser concept. Three different configurations are discussed in this article. The three types of miniaturized external cavity diode laser systems achieve power values of more than 50 mW within the 1.4 \(\mu\)m water vapor absorption band with excellent side-mode suppression and linewidth below 100 kHz. Typical features outstand with respect to other type of laser systems which are of extended use such as DFB laser diodes. The higher output power and the lower linewidth will enable a higher sensitivity and resolution for a wide range of applications.

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We gratefully acknowledge the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the support of our research in the project CheqVAP, Grant Identifier No. 13N13402 and in the project PhotoBiosense, Grant Identifier No. 13N13822. Within this project the quartz enhanced photoacoustic experiments were done at the Institute for Energy Research and Physical Technologies at Clausthal University of Technology. For performing these measurements we specially thank Mario Mordmüller.

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Correspondence to A. Jiménez.

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This article is part of the topical collection “Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research” guest edited by Francesco D’Amato, Erik Kerstel, and Alan Fried.

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