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Multi-gas sensing with quantum cascade laser array in the mid-infrared region


Wide tunable lasers sources are useful for spectroscopy of complex molecules that have broad absorption spectra and for multiple sensing of smaller molecules. A region of interest is the mid-infrared region, where many species have strong ro-vibrational modes. In this paper a novel broad tunable source composed of a QCL DFB array and an arrayed waveguide grating (also called multiplexer) was used to perform multi-species spectroscopy (CO, \(\mathrm{C}_{2}\mathrm{H}_{2}\), \(\mathrm{CO}_{2}\)). The array and the multiplexer are associated in a way to obtain a prototype that is non-sensitive to mechanical vibrations. A 2190–2220 cm\(^{-1}\) spectral range is covered by the chip. The arrayed waveguide grating combines beams to have a single output. A multi-pass White cell was used to demonstrate the efficiency of the multiplexer.

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This work was funded by the ANR ECOTECH Project ANR-11-ECOT-004 called MIRIADE (2012–2015). Laurent Bizet also acknowledges Direction Générale de l’Armement and Région Champagne-Ardenne for his PhD funding.

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Correspondence to Virginie Zeninari.

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This article is part of the topical collection “Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research” guest edited by Francesco D’Amato, Erik Kerstel, and Alan Fried.

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  • Quantum Cascade Laser
  • Difference Frequency Generation
  • Arrayed Waveguide
  • Array Waveguide Grating
  • Multi Mode Interference