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Implementing the plasma-lasing potential for tabletop nano-imaging


Implementing the plasma-lasing potential for tabletop nano-imaging on across a hot plasma medium drives short-wavelength lasing, promising for "turnkey" nano-imaging setups. A systematic study of the illumination characteristics, combined with design-adapted objectives, is presented. It is shown how the ultimate nano-scale feature is dictated by either the diffraction-limited or the wavefront-limited resolution, which imposed a combined study of both the source and the optics. For nano-imaging, the spatial homogeneity of the illumination (spot noise) was shown as critical. Plasma-lasing from a triple grazing-incidence pumping scheme compensated for the missing spot homogeneity in classical schemes. We demonstrate that a collimating mirror pre-conditions both the pointing stability and the divergence below half a mrad.

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The authors are grateful to I. Artyoukov (Lebedev Institute), J. Fessler (University of Michigan), and our colleagues F. Staub, L. Masoudnia, J.E. Balmer, and Th. Feurer (University of Bern) for discussions. The present work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation under the Grant Number PP00P2-133564/1.

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