Applied Physics B

, Volume 113, Issue 2, pp 171–178 | Cite as

Ideal multipole ion traps from planar ring electrodes

  • Robert J. ClarkEmail author


We present designs for multipole ion traps based on a set of planar, annular, concentric electrodes which require only rf potentials to confine ions. We illustrate the desirable properties of the traps by considering a few simple cases of confined ions. We predict that mm-scale surface traps may have trap depths as high as tens of electron volts when parameters of a magnitude common in the field are chosen. Under similar conditions, micromotion amplitudes in a 2D ion crystal as low as tens of nanometers could be realized. Several example traps are studied, and the scaling of those properties with voltage, frequency, and trap scale, for small numbers of ions, is derived. Applications of these traps include quantum information science, frequency metrology, and cold ion–atom collisions.


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We gratefully acknowledge funding from The Citadel and The Citadel Foundation, helpful discussions with Roman Schmied, Caroline Champenois, and David Kielpinski, and critical readings of the manuscript by Kenneth Brown and Lok C. Lew Yan Voon.


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