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Effect of marine derived deoxyribonucleic acid on nonlinear optical properties of PicoGreen dye


We have investigated the effect of DNA on nonlinear absorption of PicoGreen dye using single beam open aperture Z-scan technique in nanosecond regime. We observed reverse saturable absorption at 532 nm for PicoGreen without DNA. In the presence of DNA, the sample begins to behave like saturable absorbers and this effect increased as the concentration of DNA was increased. The dye-intercalated DNA showed SA characteristics near the focus but exhibited RSA characteristics at the focus. Theoretical analysis has been performed using a two-photon absorption model based on nonlinear absorption coefficient and saturation intensity. Such tailoring of optical nonlinear absorption in PicoGreen makes it a potential candidate for photonic application.

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C.P. and V. P. N. N. gratefully acknowledge the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India for funding and fellowship through Emeritus Scientist scheme. The authors also acknowledge Department of Science and Technology, India for partial funding through PURSE program. C.P acknowledges his colleagues, Mr. Bejoy Varghese and Mr. C. L. Linslal for their help with Matlab code.

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