Applied Physics B

, Volume 111, Issue 1, pp 21–28 | Cite as

A compact UHV package for microfabricated ion-trap arrays with direct electronic air-side access

  • Guido WilpersEmail author
  • Patrick See
  • Patrick Gill
  • Alastair G. Sinclair


We have demonstrated a new apparatus for operating microfabricated ion-trap arrays in a compact ultra-high-vacuum setup with excellent optical and electrical access. The approach uses conventional components, materials and techniques in a unique fashion. The microtrap chip is mounted on a modified ceramic leadless chip carrier, the conductors of which serve as the vacuum feedthrough. The chip carrier is indium-sealed to stainless-steel components to form vacuum seals, resulting in short electrical path lengths of ≤20 mm from the trap electrodes under vacuum to air side. The feedthrough contains conductors for the radio-frequency trap drive, as well as 42 conductors for DC electrodes. Vacuum pressures of ∼1 × 10−11 mbar are achieved, and ions have been confined and laser cooled in a microtrap chip. The apparatus enables accurate measurements of radio-frequency voltage amplitudes on the trap electrodes, yielding an excellent agreement between measured and modelled trap efficiencies. This feature is of significant use in establishing initial operation of new devices. The principle of the connectivity scheme presented here is applicable to larger ceramic chip carriers containing many more conductors.


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We thank Dirk Kähler (Fraunhofer ISIT) for help with the electronic packaging. We thank Mark Oxborrow (NPL), Tanja Mehlstäubler (PTB) and Daniel Stick (Sandia National Labs) for helpful discussions. This work was supported by NPL’s strategic research programme, the UK NMO Pathfinder programme, and by EU contracts IST 2005-15714-SCALA, and IST 2006-517675-MICROTRAP.


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  • Guido Wilpers
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    Email author
  • Patrick See
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  • Patrick Gill
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  • Alastair G. Sinclair
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