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Toward single attosecond pulses using harmonic emission from solid-density plasmas


We report on investigations of high-order harmonic generation from solid surfaces in the coherent wake emission regime with relativistically intense few-cycle (8 fs) laser pulses. Significant spectral broadening compared to previous experiments with many-cycle pulses and the appearance of substructures on the harmonics are observed that strongly fluctuate from shot-to-shot. Measurements in which the linear polarization was rotated or ellipticity of the laser pulse was varied exhibit a strong dependence of the harmonic emission on the polarization state of the incident pulse. We show that the observed spectral features are ultimately connected to the sub-cycle electron dynamics in the laser-solid interaction and thus proof of the few-cycle nature of the observed harmonic emission. Using a simple model we have investigated the factors that play an important role in the shape of the emitted spectrum.

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