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Phase-locked light sources with low-phase noise for manipulating terahertz-separated metastable states in 40Ca+


We report the development of phase-locked light sources for manipulating terahertz-separated metastable states in 40Ca+. Two Ti:sapphire lasers with frequencies separated by 1.82 THz are phase-locked using an optical comb generator. The obtained phase noise is 49.8 mrad when the phase-locked loop is closed. Using the developed light sources, we excite Rabi oscillations between the terahertz-separated 32D3/2 and 32D5/2 states in 40Ca+. We discuss the phase noises of the light sources and their effect on excitation of Rabi oscillations.

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Haze, S., Senokuchi, Y., Yamazaki, R. et al. Phase-locked light sources with low-phase noise for manipulating terahertz-separated metastable states in 40Ca+ . Appl. Phys. B 101, 547–552 (2010).

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  • Phase Noise
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