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Laser diode spectroscopy of H2O at 2.63 μm for atmospheric applications


The 2.7 μm spectral range is highly suitable for the in situ monitoring of atmospheric H2O using compact balloonborne laser diode spectrometers. Water vapour spectroscopic parameters of the 202\(\leftarrow\) 101 and the 413\(\leftarrow\) 414 transitions of the ν3 band are revisited in this spectral region using a new distributed-feedback InGaAsSb laser diode emitting at 2.63 μm. Accurate line strengths are provided which are well adapted for the in situ probing of the middle atmosphere. Our measurements are thoroughly compared to an existing molecular database, laboratory measurements and ab-initio calculations. A laser hygrometer was developed for operation from small stratospheric balloons using this new laser diode technology, with emission at 2.6 μm. The realized sensor is described and results from a recent test-flight are reported.

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