Applied Physics A

, 125:402 | Cite as

Zn doping effect on the properties of SnO2 nanostructure by co-precipitation technique

  • Abebe G. HabteEmail author
  • Fekadu G. Hone
  • Francis B. Dejene


Nanocrystalline tin dioxide (SnO2) doped with Zn (1, 2, 3, and 4% molar ratio) was synthesized via co-precipitation method. The influences of replacing tetravalent Sn4+ ions of SnO2 by divalent Zn2+ ions on their structural, optical and morphological properties were studied. The XRD pattern showed the rutile tetragonal phase for all doped and undoped SnO2 samples. The XRD studies further confirmed that the average crystallite sizes of the doped samples decreased with the increasing of dopant concentrations. The SEM images verified that the grain size and surface morphology changed with the concentration of Zn2+ doping. The EDX analyses confirmed that the prepared nanomaterials were composed of the expected elements tin, oxygen and zinc. The optical properties of the nanomaterials were investigated by means of UV–Vis spectroscopy technique. The band gap energies were calculated using Tauc’s method and it was found to decrease when Zn2+ concentration increased. Room temperature photoluminescence study at the excitation wavelength of 280 nm showed strong and weak emission peaks between 340 and 420 nm.



The authors would like to thank the National Research Foundation, South Africa, Ministry of Education of Ethiopia and Embassy of Ethiopia in South Africa/Pretoria for financial support.


This study was supported by the National Research Foundation, South Africa and Ministry of Education, Ethiopia.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of the Free StatePhuthaditjhabaSouth Africa

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