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Carrier-induced ferromagnetism in half-metallic Co-doped ZnS-diluted magnetic semiconductor: a DFT study



Systematic experimental and theoretical calculations have been performed to investigate the origin of the carrier-induced ferromagnetism in the Co-doped ZnS-diluted magnetic semiconductors. The crystalline structure, morphology of the chemically synthesized Co-doped ZnS nanoparticles are evaluated using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and obtained the average crystallite size in the range 5–8 nm. Fourier transform-infrared spectra reveal the characteristic Zn–S vibrations of cubic ZnS and also show the splitting of peaks with increasing Co concentration which indicates that the Co-doping level beyond 3% affects the structure of ZnS. The room temperature ferromagnetic behavior analyzed by MH curve exhibited up to the doping level 5%, achieving due to the indirect ‘pd’ exchange interactions between the localized ‘d’ spins of Co2+ ion and the free-delocalized carriers in the host lattice. The existence of the antiferromagnetic coupling is discernable beyond the 5% doping level, owing to the short-range super-exchange interactions between the characteristic ‘d’ spins of the Co2+ ions which minimize the ferromagnetic ordering. Band structure and density of states (DOS) calculations demonstrate the pd hybridization mechanism in Co-doped ZnS system which is the main cause of realizing ferromagnetic ordering in the system and also shows the half-metallic characteristics with the combination of semiconducting and metallic nature in the spin-up and spin-down states, respectively.


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