Excitation mechanism of surface plasmon polaritons in a double-layer wire grid structure


We characterize the optical properties of a double-layer wire grid structure and investigate in detail the excitation mechanism of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). Angular spectra for the transmittance of the transverse magnetic polarized light that are obtained through the experiment reveal two peaks. In addition, simulated mapping of the transmittance and the magnetic field distribution indicate that SPPs are excited in two areas of the wire grid structures: at the interface between the Au layer and the resist layer or the glass substrate and at the interface between the Au layer and air. The experimental data are consistent with the transmittance mapping result and the distribution of the magnetic field. Accordingly, we constructed a model of SPPs propagation. We consider that SPPs excited at the interface between the Au layer and the resist layer or the glass substrate strongly contribute to the extraordinary transmission observed in the wire grid structures.

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This work is supported by Grants in Aid for Scientific Research of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS, KAKENHI, No. 26390082 and 15H03556). The authors would like to thank Enago (http://www.enago.jp) for the English language review.

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