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A new preparation of doped photocatalytic TiO2 anatase nanoparticles: a preliminary study for the removal of pollutants in confined museum areas


The use of nanotechnology in conservation is a relatively new concept. Usually, classical cleanup methods take into account the use of other chemicals: On the one hand they help the environment destroying pollutants, but on the other hand they often become new pollutants. Among the new oxidation methods called advanced oxidation processes, heterogeneous photocatalysis has appeared an emerging technology with several economic and environmental advantages. A new sol–gel method of synthesis of TiO2 anatase is reported in this work using lithium and cobalt (II) salts. The activation energy of the doped photocatalyst was analyzed by solid-state UV–Vis spectrophotometer. The mobility of Li ions on TiO2 NPs surface was studied by 7Li MAS NMR spectroscopy. Use of doped nanotitania is suggested from authors for the removal of pollutants in confined areas containing goods that must be preserved from decomposition and aging phenomena.

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This research was supported by TECLA PON 03PE_00214_1.

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Greco, E., Ciliberto, E., Cirino, A.M.E. et al. A new preparation of doped photocatalytic TiO2 anatase nanoparticles: a preliminary study for the removal of pollutants in confined museum areas. Appl. Phys. A 122, 530 (2016).

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