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Metal/InGaN Schottky junction solar cells: an analytical approach

  • Published:
Applied Physics A Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The photovoltaic behaviour of metal/n-InGaN Schottky junction solar cells with low- and high-level injection conditions are explored by using voltage model. Four metals Ni–Au, Ni, Au and Pt are used as Schottky contact with n-InGaN and Schottky junction solar cell studied for open-circuit voltage (V oc) and short circuit current density (J sc) with a variation of Indium composition in n-InGaN. The cut-off value of Indium composition in n-InGaN is 36, 42, 55 and 70 % for Ni–Au, Ni, Au and Pt, respectively. The effects of doping density and surface recombination velocity on V oc and J sc are also explored. Model predict increment in V oc and J sc under high-level injection condition as compared to low-level injection condition with ϕ = 2 × 1017 cm−2 s−1 photon flux. The metal, Pt, is found to be a better choice in terms of making Schottky junction with n-InGaN. The concentration of donor atoms in n-InGaN plays an important role in both types of injection. The donor concentration should preferably be kept higher (>1016 cm−3) to get higher V oc.

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