Applied Physics A

, Volume 118, Issue 3, pp 975–979 | Cite as

Structural and magnetic characterization of electrodeposited Ni–Cu/Cu and Fe–Ni–Cu/Cu multilayer

  • Kambiz Hedayati


In this research, Ni–Cu/Cu and Fe–Ni–Cu/Cu multilayers were electrodeposited on Au/Cr/glass substrate. The XRD pattern of Ni–Cu/Cu multilayer indicates satellite peaks of Ni–Cu and Cu bilayers. The EDX results had shown that the Ni content increased with increasing magnetic layers in both Ni–Cu/Cu and Fe–Ni–Cu/Cu multilayers. The AFM images had shown that increasing the magnetic and nonmagnetic layers leads to increasing surface roughness. The VSM of samples obtained the coercivity by increasing magnetic layer thickness and by decreasing the addition of Fe to Ni–Cu/Cu multilayers.


Atomic Force Microscope Image Vibrate Sample Magnetometer Multilayer Film Magnetic Layer Satellite Peak 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of ScienceArak University of TechnologyArakIran

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