Tuning electrical parameters of graphene/p-type polycrystalline silicon Schottky diodes by ultraviolet irradiation


The present work reports the fabrication and detailed electrical properties of graphene/p-type polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) Schottky diodes with and without ultraviolet irradiation. Ultraviolet treatment may lead to the reduced work function of graphene, thus increasing the Schottky barrier height at the graphene/poly-Si interface. Compared to the graphene/poly-Si Schottky diodes without ultraviolet treatment, the ultraviolet-treated graphene/poly-Si Schottky diodes exhibit lower ideality factor and higher responsivity. The sensitivity of the work function of graphene to the ultraviolet irradiation time provides an opportunity to tune the electrical parameters of graphene/poly-Si Schottky diodes. The ability to controllably tune the work function of graphene is essential for optimizing the efficiency of optoelectronic and electronic devices.

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The authors acknowledge the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (Contract nos. 102-2120-M-194-002 and 103-2112-M-018-003-MY3) in the form of Grants.

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  • Work Function
  • Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Schottky Diode
  • Schottky Barrier Height
  • High Responsivity