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Graphene-based electrically reconfigurable deep-subwavelength metamaterials for active control of THz light propagation


This work studies the terahertz light propagation through graphene-based reconfigurable metasurfaces where the unit cell dimensions are much smaller than the terahertz wavelength. The proposed devices, which poses deep-subwavelength unit cell and active region dimensions can operate as amplitude and/or phase modulators in certain specific frequency bands determined by the device geometry. Reconfigurability is attained via electrostatically tuning the optical conductivity of patterned graphene layers, which are strategically located in each unit cell. The ultra-small unit cell dimensions can be advantageous for beam shaping applications.

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The authors acknowledge the support from the NSF MRSEC program at the University of Utah under grant # DMR 1121252 and from the NSF CAREER award #1351389 (monitored by Dimitris Pavlidis).

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