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Studies of nonlinear optical properties of PicoGreen dye using Z-scan technique


In this paper we study the nonlinear optical properties of PicoGreen dye. The investigations involve the single-beam Z-scan technique and measurements were carried out at different incident intensities. Both open and closed aperture Z-scan techniques were performed at 532 nm and it was found that the dye exhibited a reverse saturable absorption with significant nonlinear absorption coefficient and intensity-dependent negative nonlinear refraction coefficient, indicating self-defocusing phenomena. The third-order nonlinear susceptibility and optical limiting threshold were also measured.

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C.P. and V.P.N.N. gratefully acknowledge the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India for funding and fellowships through the Emeritus Scientist scheme. The authors also acknowledge the Department of Science and Technology, India for partial funding through the PURSE program.

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