Development and characterization of ultra-porous silica films made by the sol–gel method. Application to biosensing


The aim of this work is to demonstrate the sensing ability of reverse-symmetry waveguides to investigate adsorption of casein and build-up of poly-L-lysine mediated casein multilayers. A first part of this study is dedicated to the elaboration and characterization of ultra-porous thin films with very low refractive indices by an appropriate sol–gel method. This will form the basis of our planar optical sensors. Optical waveguide light mode spectroscopy is a real-time and sensitive method to study protein adsorption kinetics and lipid bilayers. We used it to test the obtained waveguides for in-situ monitoring of biomolecule adsorption. As a result, significant changes in the incoupling peak position were observed during the layer-by-layer adsorption. Finally, refractive index and thickness of the adsorbed layers were established.

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R. Horvath holds a Marie Curie EIF Reintegration Fellowship (Opticell). The financial support from the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund is gratefully acknowledged (PD 73084). R. Horvath acknowledges the ‘Lendület’ grant from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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