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TM waves in cylindrical superlattices (LANS) bounded by left-handed material (LHM)


The investigation of TM wave propagation inside a cylindrical waveguide composed of antiferromagnetic/nonmagnetic superlattices (LANS), bounded by left-handed material (LHM), is presented. We have derived the eigenmode equation and obtained the solutions for TM propagation modes. We found that the waveguide supports backward TM waves since both electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of the LHM are negative. We also illustrated the dependence of the wave index n x on the magnetic fraction f 1 and the reduced radius of the LANS. The largest propagation lengths of TM waves and the best confinement are achieved for the thinnest LANS of less magnetic material. Moreover, we displayed the influence of the magnetic permeability μ h and the electric permittivity ε h of the LHM on the power flow of TM waves. Larger wave indices have been switched by increasing μ h and ε h .

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  • Magnetic Permeability
  • Power Flow
  • Electric Permittivity
  • Magnetic Fraction
  • Cylindrical Waveguide